Sunday, April 10, 2005

Holly Blue, Elm and Wild Cherry

Dutch Elm and Wild Cherry, I believe are the trees marking the route past the Lancing Manor allotments as one approaches McIntyres field. The white flowers of the cherry are opening as the leaves of the Elm are unfolding.

As I walked past a yellow Brimstone butterfly flew from about 8ft to about 20ft and disappeared into the greenery
A few minutes earlier in the lane from The Street I watched a Holly Blue in flight as it climbed over the Leylandii hedge of the park boundary.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Early Butterflies

My quest to find a positive view of Brimstone Gonepteryx rhamni on Lancing Ring LNR was successful today. Taking a walk on the west side where ribbons and clumps of Hawthorn, Elder and Bramble break up the Brachypodium smothered grass slope. The western-most perimeter adjoins an arable field, here fluttering over the Bramble a bright yellow male Brimstone butterfly patrolled back and forth over about 200 yards of it's territory. It's was not in the mood for resting so a photo was out of the question.

My first view of the Brimstone was a couple of weeks ago but so brief as to be hard to be confident that it was not a leaf in an updraft of wind.
A Peacock was less elusive. At least one, probably more settled on the short grass path during my quest.