Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bridle path on Lancing Ring

1st March 2006
Horse Riding on Lancing Ring is currently not officially permitted , however it does occur and is tolerated by the land owner Adur District Council provided the riders act with due consideration to other members of the public on the land.
It has been proposed that a permissive bridle pathway is laid out with marker posts denoting the route that riders can use and for the public to be aware that horses may be passing through.
The Friends committee have agreed in principal to this and wish to poll the views of the ordinary members of the group and the general public of Lancing who share the area.
Please come along and air your views at the forthcoming AGM and coffee morning on April 1st at the The Holy Family Catholic Church Hall at Monks Farmhouse in North Road from 10am.

Send your views by email to
Your viewpoint will get through to the Adur District Council landowner.

Ray Hamblett
Lancing Ring
Committee member

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Ray said...

It occurs to me that if horses are allowed on the ring, the next thing is the riders may start insisting the Ragwort is systematically removed.
If there is a place for it, it must surely be on a nature reserve!