Sunday, April 02, 2006

McIntyre's Field

1 April 2006
Spring has finally arrived under a blue sky with the warm rays of the afternoon sun, the flowers were out on Lancing Manor and McIntyre's Field (east of Lancing Clump): Lesser Celandine, Field Speedwell, Sweet Violets, Chickweed and Red Dead Nettle were noted in profusion. Katherine Hamblett was the first to spot one of the frequent 7-spot Ladybirds. Queen Buff-tailed Bumblebees crawled from their holes in the mown ground before buzzing off. A single medium-sized Syrphus hoverfly was spotted on a sun bathed leaf. Adur Bumblebees
The air temperature reached 12.9 ÂșC at 3:19 pm.
Jan Hamblett spotted a Peacock Butterfly at the bottom of McIntyre's Field and Ray Hamblett spotted a Comma Butterfly at the top. The latter was the first of the year. A Green Woodpecker called noisily from the wood to the east of the field.

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