Saturday, June 18, 2005

Saturday Walk

A walk around the low meadow in temperatures of around 24C a few butterflies were active.
Most obvious were Common Blues I counted at least 8.
Meadow Browns made an appearance, I made a mental note of six individuals.

A Small Heath flittered around the edge of the meadow by the low path.
On the other side of the path on Dogwood a Red Admiral took off as I passed.
From the edge of a clump of shrubs a large Dragonfly took to the wing.
As I walked towards the Dewpond a large Rabbit sat poised on it's haunches to get a better view of any potential danger. It remained as I photographed it's pose.

A few feet further ahead of me a small Fox with it's back towards me turned to watch me approach before disappearing into cover.

Before I left a Burnet Companion Moth caught my attention.

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Glaucus said...

Good mammal picture. I must get a better camera!?