Thursday, August 04, 2005

Scarcity of Butterflies

4 August 2005

Scarcity of Butterflies

Although warm (21.9 ºC), it was slightly overcast in the late morning on
Lancing (Sussex) Ring and meadows (including McIntyre's field), but even
making allowances for the weather, the butterfly numbers were disappointing
and much less than previous years. In about an hour, there were not many
more than a hundred butterflies of the following species (listed in order
first seen): Speckled Wood Butterflies (12+), Common Blues (12+), Meadow
Browns (60+), a possible Holly Blue, Gatekeepers (20+), Large Whites (12+),
Red Admirals (4), Small Whites (3+), Chalkhill Blues (4+) Brown Argus (1),
Marbled White (1) and Small (or Essex) Skipper (1). A dozen or so 6-spot
Burnet Moths were noted.

These restored meadows are not an area for Chalkhill Blues, but usually
thousands of Common Blues are to be discovered. A Wall Brown would be usual
as well, but these may have been missed. Marbled Whites are near their end.

Nature Notes for Lancing Ring

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Adur Valley (West Sussex) Nature Notes
Adur Valley Nature Notes: August 2005
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