Wednesday, November 02, 2005

November walk

The first day of November was largely bright and warmer than average.
On Lancing Ring a large cloud looked threatening but passed over and warm sun shone through.
Two Red Admiral butterflies patrolled their territory, one in the lane aproaching the car park, the other flew from the Beech trees at the clump down the slope to the Sloe bushes and back. Into the woods of Beech and Ash trees where several clumps of Shaggy Pholiotas were congregated around the base of one Ash tree. Further down the slope small groups of Agaricus mushrooms opened their caps under the canopy.
In the soft clay of the dewpond bank a group of fungi, possibly identified as Pholiota gummosa, yet to be confirmed. Close by a small Beetle broke cover, it apeared to have a swollen body it turns out to be a gravid female Leaf Beetle called Galeruca tanaceti.
In the short grass area around the Dewpond many small fungi sprouted in the turf, among them a distinctive Yellow Waxcap, Hygrocybe chlorophana. A small red one just emerging may have been the Scarlet Waxcap Hygrocybe coccinea. Previously there had been a lot of Parasol Mushrooms but the entire crop had gone, possibly perished but likely they were picked as they are edible.

The Dewpond had not held water for the latter half of the summer and by October had dried up, a leak was located by council staff and repaired. Clay that had slumped has been repositioned to cover the exposed liner revealed by the activity of the many dogs that have been able to jump into the pond.
The fence that was put up to prevent this has been repaired and it is hoped dog owners will respect this restriction.

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