Friday, June 24, 2005

Lancing Ring meadows

23 June 2005
I saw my first Marbled White and Brown Argus Butterflies on Lancing Ring meadows, (but Ray Hamblett had already seen these butterflies this year). Unidentified skippers could have been the first Small Skippers of the year, but they would not remain still long enough for identification. I think they were Large Skippers. The first blue was a Holly Blue, the second a confirmed Brown Argus before I found by first Common Blue in just a small area of Lancing Ring meadows. Meadow Browns were at first counted and then estimated at over 75 and this was only part of a much larger population.

Kidney Vetch on Lancing Ring meadows

Nine species of butterfly were discovered on a brief visit to Lancing Ring with two species found elsewhere.

Webs of the large predatory spider Agelena labyrinthica were seen amongst the grasses and herbs on the Lancing Ring meadows but none of the spiders were visible. Kidney Vetch was common in the undergrowth this year, but despite a brief search no Small Blue Butterflies were found. There was a Cinnabar Moth just north of the cemetery near Lancing Ring.

The highest air temperature this year, so far, was 28.4 ÂșC at 5:16 pm to 5:40 pm, humidity 52%.

Adur Nature Notes 2005


Glaucus said...

The skippers are probably Large Skippers

Glaucus said...

Temperature went up to 28.7 degrees C later, just 0.1 degrees C lower than the highest temperature last June.